Vessel is an experiment to use performance to open up chakra points. Using dance, live music, aromatherapy and reiki, four performers activate Bluestone Church Arts Space as a place for healing the body, mind and spirit. Seven different shows—one for each chakra—experiment how performance can heal the body inside and out. Choreographer Jonathan Homsey collaborates with an international all-female cast to conduct this experimental performance. Vessel intends to bring spirituality as a discussion point leaving the viewer to ponder how they are own ‘vessel’ to make them the best person they can be.

“[This] world of performed energetic experience is bound to leave you feeling at home again.” – Peril Magazine

This project is supported by Bluestone Church Arts Space, City of Maribrynong & Perfect Potion.

Vessel also had a second run at Barefoot Yoga in Sydney in 2016.

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