Jazz Club!


Jazz Club! is a global virtual reality dance crew using all forms of jazz dance to raise awareness for human rights. Jazz Club features over 150 dancers and has divisions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, London, Los Angeles and Auckland. Jazz Club! meets through the virtual realm to raise funds for human rights. In partnership with Move The World Co—a charity supporting education in Africa—this crew wants to entertain and give back to the community. Entrance fee to this crew is a 10 British Pounds donation, the rest is for free! This is a crew focused on community engagement and equal access. This crew came about due to current world landscape. As commercial dancers from around the world wanted to speak their mind and vouch for human rights, Jazz Club! Was formed. Jazz Club! will explore through their videos a variety of topics from female leadership, immigration and LGBTIQA rights. They will release four videos a year concluding on 10 December 2017, in honour of International Human Rights Day. A block party in each of the cities will occur as well. Jazz Club! is politically activated, creatively stimulated and socially engaged. Jazz Club! is for everyone who loves jazz funk and wants to help the world! Auditions will be via our instagram @_jazzclub_ December 15, 2016 worldwide! Get your spirit fingers ready.